Lake sport boats are a great way to enjoy the water and have some fun with your family and friends. 

Whether you want to fish, ski, cruise, or just relax, there is a lake sport boat that suits your needs and budget. 

In this article, we will list 8 lake sport boats that you can consider for your next boating adventure.

Pontoon Boats

A group of people riding on a pontoon boat, one type of deck boat.

Pontoon boats are one of the most popular lake sport boats because they offer a lot of space, comfort, and versatility. 

You can customize your pontoon boat with different features and accessories, such as fishing equipment, watersports gear, entertainment systems, and more. 

Pontoon boats are also very stable and easy to handle, making them ideal for beginners and families. 

Some pontoon boats can even reach speeds of 40 mph or more, thanks to their powerful outboard engines.

Deck Boats

A deck boat on a lake.

Deck boats are similar to pontoon boats in that they have a spacious and open layout, but they have a different hull design that makes them faster and more agile. 

Deck boats have a planing hull that lifts the boat out of the water when it reaches a certain speed, reducing drag and increasing efficiency. 

Deck boats can also handle rougher water conditions than pontoon boats, thanks to their v-shaped hulls. 

Deck boats are great for cruising, exploring, watersports, and casual fishing.

Center Console Boats

Boston whaler center console for sale in united states of america.

Center console boats are designed for serious anglers who want to fish in different types of water, from rivers to lakes. 

These boats have a helm console in the center of the boat, with deck space around it for easy access to all sides of the boat. 

Center console boats are equipped with various fishing features, such as rod holders, live wells, tackle centers, and more. 

They also have powerful outboard engines that can handle choppy water and long distances. 

Some center console boats also have comfort and family features, such as cushioned seating, stereo systems, USB ports, and more.

Dual Console Boats

A white boat with two people riding on the water.

Dual console boats are similar to center console boats, but they have two consoles on each side of the boat instead of one in the center. 

This creates more space for seating and storage in the bow and cockpit areas of the boat. 

Dual console boats are also more family-friendly than center console boats, as they offer more comfort and convenience features, such as cabins, galleys, entertainment centers, air conditioning, and more. 

Dual-console boats are still great for fishing, as they have many of the same fishing features as center-console boats.


A man is water skiing on a lake using a pontoon boat.

Sportboats are sleek and sporty boats that are designed for speed and performance. 

They have a fiberglass or aluminum construction and a sterndrive or jet propulsion system that delivers a lot of power and acceleration. 

Sportboats are ideal for watersports enthusiasts who want to ski, wakeboard, tube, or jet ski behind their boat. 

They also have a bowrider layout that provides extra seating in the front of the boat for passengers who want to enjoy the view and the breeze.

Cabin Cruisers

A pontoon boat gliding on the lake with passengers aboard.

Cabin cruisers are large and luxurious boats that offer a home away from home on the water

They have a cabin that can accommodate several people with amenities such as beds, bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and more. 

Cabin cruisers also have a cockpit that can be used for steering, relaxing, or entertaining guests.

Cabin cruisers are perfect for long-distance trips or overnight stays on the lake, as they have enough fuel capacity and storage space to carry everything you need.

Fish-and-Ski Boats

Two men are fishing in a pontoon boat on the water.

Fish-and-ski boats are versatile boats that can be used for both fishing and skiing activities on the lake. 

They have a hybrid design that combines features from fishing boats and sports boats, such as rod holders, live wells, ski poles, swim platforms, tow hooks, and more. 

Fish-and-ski boats are ideal for boaters who want to enjoy both hobbies without having to switch between different boats.

Jon Boats

Two people are riding in a pontoon boat on the lake.

Jon boats are simple and affordable boats that are made of aluminum or wood and have a flat-bottomed hull that makes them easy to launch and maneuver in shallow water. 

Jon boats are mainly used for fishing in small lakes and rivers, as they have enough room for a few anglers and their gear. 

Jon boats can be powered by small outboard motors or paddles.


As you can see, there are many types of lake sport boats that you can choose from depending on your preferences and budget. 

Lake sport boats can provide you with hours of fun and excitement on the water with your family and friends. 

If you are interested in buying a lake sport boat or learning more about them, you can visit Discover Boating, MarineMax, BoatTEST, or J.D.Power for more information and resources. 

Happy boating!